Legit Events and Solutions Travels to Industry Event

Legit Events and Solutions’ Owner and two team members will travel to Dallas, Texas to attend industry conference. 

Working with Legit Events and Solutions means there are many opportunities to travel. Team members are on the road to regional training and workshops, traveling across the country to industry events, going to offices in different markets to get hands-on experience, and attending exotic retreats. 

The Owner of Legit Events and Solutions, Luis, and two team members, Lori and Marinela, will be traveling to Dallas, Texas to attend a major industry event. “I believe taking team members to these conferences is a benefit to both them and to our office as a whole. They’ll take in a lot of different ideas and training that I won’t, so we can all exchange what we’ve learned and bring everything back to the office. I’ll also encourage them to share what they’ve learned with the team. The best way to master a subject is by teaching it and this will help them cement what they’ve gained from the event,” shared Luis. 

“I also hope bringing them to this conference will help motivate them to continue with the high level of performance they’ve been demonstrating so far. I want to help them see the big picture of how far they can take their careers and how big this industry really is,” continued Luis. “Going to this event will let them spend time with people who are at the top of their careers, Owners and CEOs who have really made a huge impact.” 

Legit Events and Solutions Leadership Invests in Its Team

One of the big factors that has powered the success of Legit Events and Solutions is the firm’s investment in its team members. In-house training and support is coupled with chances to attend training and events across the country in many different areas. “When someone shows potential, we want to support them and help them move their career forward along a positive path,” shared Luis. “Not only does this help us retain our top talent, we get people who really know the industry from the ground up making strategic decisions and coaching new team members.” 

New recruits and experienced executives will find training that will help them be better at their roles. In addition, opportunities to travel offer time to engage in a little networking and have a little fun exploring a new location. “We want our team working hard, dedicated, and happy,” said Luis. “We always make sure we have fun, both in the office and on the road. Team dinners at great restaurants are wonderful bonding experiences. I’m looking forward to this conference and spending time with my associates. I can’t wait to see what great ideas we’ll bring home.” 

About Legit Events and Solutions

Legit Events & Solutions inspires socially minded people to support the transformative work of D.A.R.E. America – a nonprofit that helps students make informed choices and build better futures. The firm’s team members excel at creating innovative outreach programs that drive positive outcomes. They engage audiences in personal discussions to raise awareness about a great cause. Legit Events & Solutions continues to grow because of this ability to create impact. The team is passionate about supporting change agents that generate a brighter tomorrow for all. Learn more at legiteventsandsolutions.com​.

Source: legiteventsandsolutions.com