Legit Events and Solutions is Hiring for New Position

Legit Events and Solutions is growing. The Director of Operations is augmenting the team by hiring an individual to fill a new management position, while recent recruits receive extensive training and growth opportunities.

Legit Events and Solutions is looking to hire a new manager for their team. Director of Operations, Luis, shared some thoughts on what traits and skills he is searching for. “Managers are the business professionals on the front line of our organization. They serve as the bridge between the organizations we represent and the public. As a result, we expect them to have an intricate knowledge of our partners and the ability to communicate their knowledge with sharp precision.”

“Our managers and leaders are also expected to be active participants in company strategy sessions, provide their input and insight, and set their own goals. We expect our higher-level associates to set and achieve aggressive objectives,” continued Luis. “Legit Events and Solutions’ success is built off the work and determination of our team members, so we’re always looking for individuals with good business sense who are willing to find creative ways to meet their goals.”

Team Creates Empowering Legit Events and Solutions Culture

The Legit Events and Solutions company culture is important to the team, and everyone works hard to make sure it is empowering and motivating. “We strive to empower every individual,” shared Luis. “We believe giving responsibility helps drive people’s motivation. They know they are responsible for their own success, but they are also given the training and tools they need to make it happen. It’s even better when new associates see others around them making the right steps and really achieving their goals. I believe, as a manager, you work for your team. It’s your job to give them the opportunities to prove themselves and then let them shine.”

Building this atmosphere of friendship and support has been a major focus for company executives. The leaders truly believe that not only do they need to invest in the growth of each individual on the team, they also need to make sure the entire group is comfortable, happy, and focused.

“The new manager position we’re filling requires involvement with everyone and the willingness to give others a chance. This person also needs to do their part to help guide the team to success,” continued Luis. To facilitate our goals, new team members and managers receive on-the-job training, motivational tools, coaching, mentorship, and increasing responsibility.

Anyone interested in applying can visit the Legit Events and Solutions website to learn more.

About Legit Events and Solutions:

Legit Events & Solutions inspires socially minded people to support the transformative work of D.A.R.E. America – a nonprofit that helps students make informed choices and build better futures. The firm’s team members excel at creating innovative outreach programs that drive positive outcomes. They engage audiences in personal discussions to raise awareness about a great cause. Legit Events & Solutions continues to grow because of this ability to create impact. The team is passionate about supporting change agents that generate a brighter tomorrow for all. Learn more at legiteventsandsolutions.com​.

Source: legiteventsandsolutions.com