Legit Events and Solutions: Choice Careers in a Growing Field

Legit Events and Solutions' President has announced a hiring initiative. Ideal candidates will be outgoing, eager to learn, and motivated. This is a great opportunity for outside-the-box thinkers.

"There has never been a better time to consider a career with our firm," stated Luis, Legit Events and Solutions' President. "Thanks to the tremendous year we had in 2017, we are expanding our operations. We're looking for a few select professionals with fresh perspectives and optimistic attitudes to come and join our team."

Luis gave a few more details about the hiring process, making note that there were no jobs available at Legit Events and Solutions - only careers. Ideal candidates are interested in making a long-term commitment to the company, and in return find themselves on a professional journey that is sure to be challenging, but rewarding as well.

"Our event managers form the foundation of our success, so on-boarding the right people is a high priority for us," Luis declared. "We look for men and women who have values like ours, and clear visions for their future. These are the people most likely to thrive in our culture, and make meaningful contributions to our organization." 

Legit Events and Solutions Invests in Success of Team Members Through Intensive Development Program

Once a person has made it through the interviewing process, they are immediately put on a career growth path. Luis notes that the best teacher is experience, so along with personal coaches all new team members find themselves quickly immersed in real-time projects so that they can get full understanding of Legit Events and Solutions' operations. 

"This immersive approach is really powerful for many reasons," Sean said. "For starters, it's a big confidence-booster. Right at the beginning of their careers our team members get hands-on experience, and the satisfaction of seeing the real-world results of their efforts. What's more, they work side-by-side with team leaders and senior management, learning from example. Then, on top of all that, we give our novice professionals a chance to provide feedback that helps us refine our training curriculum even further. Our event managers are immediately aware of how much we're invested in them and their success."

Other perks that team members can look forward to are frequent social events, where they meet other members of Team Legit Events and Solutions in relaxed settings, plus travel opportunities where top names in the industry will share their best practices and the latest techniques.

"If someone is looking for a typical job, they might not be a good match for us," Luis concluded. "If someone is looking for a career outside the norm, with promotions based on results and unlimited growth potential, then we should talk. I encourage interested, career-minded professionals to visit our website for more information." 

About Legit Events and Solutions 

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Source: Legit Events and Solutions