Legit Events and Solutions Anticipating Office Expansion

Legit Events and Solutions has experienced great success raising money for D.A.R.E. America, and will be expanding their operations into the Dallas, Texas area. The firm’s Director discussed the crew that will be leading the move. 

All company leaders enjoy growth, but the team at Legit Events and Solutions has two reasons for being excited – not only is the firm experiencing great success, but its victories mean more support for D.A.R.E. America as well. “We haven’t made any dramatic changes that I could say have caused this growth,” stated Luis S., Legit Events and Solutions’ Director of Operations. “Instead, we’ve focused on many small changes, avoided multitasking, and emphasized teamwork. Also, we dove a little deeper and considered our coaching aspects. We believe in an open-door policy when it comes to conversation and we make sure we give our people all the right tools that they need to succeed.

The Legit Events and Solutions approach has been so successful in the San Diego area that they will be expanding their operations east into Dallas. Recently the Director promoted Keola to the assistant manager position, and he is promoting Naiely as well. These associates will be leading a team of 12 people on the expansion initiative.

Keola and Naiely, Leaders of Legit Events and Solutions’ Expansion

“What stands out most to me about Naiely is her motivation,” stated Luis. “She is always ready and resilient, no matter what she has going on. It is contagious, because she makes other people try hard. She came to Legit Events and Solutions with a background in nursing and an entrepreneurial mind-set, and she is making the most of her time here.”

The Director had equally kind words to say about Keola. Luis stated that Keola spent time in sales and real estate before joining the firm, and he hit the ground running. He has a natural talent for building relationships and coaching others on the team. That’s not to say Keola didn’t work hard to attain his promotion to assistant manager though – Luis confirms that he earned the right to help lead the Dallas expansion.

“If I had to define the one thing that I know will cause Keola and Naiely to succeed, it’s passion,” Luis noted. “They both have goals to work toward, reasons to be successful that are more important than just money or power. They know what it means to be part of something bigger than themselves. Everyone here at the San Diego office of Legit Events and Solutions is looking forward to the opening of the Dallas office, and watching the two of them thrive.”

About Legit Events and Solutions:

Legit Events & Solutions inspires socially minded people to support the transformative work of D.A.R.E. America – a nonprofit that helps students make informed choices and build better futures. The firm’s team members excel at creating innovative outreach programs that drive positive outcomes. They engage audiences in personal discussions to raise awareness about a great cause. Legit Events & Solutions continues to grow because of this ability to create impact. The team is passionate about supporting change agents that generate a brighter tomorrow for all. Learn more at legiteventsandsolutions.com

Source: Legit Events and Solutions